Our Tax Specialists Have Gone to the Dogs!

Our Tax Specialists Have Gone to the Dogs!

Our Tax Specialists Have Gone to the Dogs!

Dogs are a warm ray of sunshine for many people during these difficult times – including the tax specialists in our Tampa accounting firm. They are not only great companions, they are also a great source of motivation to get out there and walk (if simply getting out of the house isn’t motivation enough!). 

If you’re one of those people who are always on the lookout for the silver lining – even on the darkest of days, you’re going to love this story!  

Alone Together with a Dog

It turns out that lots of people have decided that this is a good time to get a dog. (Of course, our Tampa QuickBook pros and business consultants think any time is a good time to get a dog.)  

It’s not hard to understand why. If you live alone, staying Safer at Home is much easier with a dog to keep you company. Being home also means you don’t have to worry about coming home to find your new puppy has chewed up your shoes – you’re right there to provide the training and guidance the little guy needs. And there are probably more than a few parents who finally gave in to their child’s request for a dog as a way to provide the child with a playmate they don’t have to stay six feet away from. 

Well, it turns out that so many people thought that this would be a good time to add a dog to the family that some shelters are actually running out of dogs!

As iheartdogs, reported, “First, Chicago Animal Care and Control adopted out all their dogs, and many other organizations have followed in their footsteps. Now, Friends of Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control has also had a significant milestone. During the coronavirus quarantine, the Florida shelter successfully emptied one of their three kennels! All the dogs in that kennel found their forever families, leaving the staff and volunteers with plenty to celebrate.”

Tampa CPA Brian Sanders, a tax specialist who can help you with your 1040 tax return, was also celebrating. Brian is a real dog lover.